Information on the delivery of your print data

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In this PDF we have summarised important information on how to create your print data. Download the PDF by clicking on the link


Here is the most important information in brief:

Your data
Wünschenswert are für us print data as a PDF file to get. At the end of the order process you can transfer data with our upload tool. This is also possible after the order via the customer menu. You can find detailed information in the PDF file for downloading.

All images must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Always use CMYK mode, never RGB mode, otherwise colour shifts may occur.

Colour shifts may occur.

The screen representation of the colours is not binding! We cannot accept any guarantee for this. We will be happy to provide you with a proof / «Good to print» in advance for colour-critical orders. The maximum total colour application C + M + Y + K of your image data should not exceed 300 %.

Borders and bleed
Elements and images that extend to the edge of the final format must extend at least 3 mm beyond the final format, i.e. into the bleed. These 3 mm will be cut away after printing and serve as a «margin» in case of any cutting differences. Please use our templates, which you will find with every product! Here are files to be stored in your graphics software and PDF descriptions with details of each product. To avoid cutting important texts or other elements, do not place them too close to the edge. Therefore, keep a distance of approx. 4mm to the edge of the final format.

PDF format
It is ideal if your PDF data conforms to the PDF/X3A standard.