Help and answers to frequently asked questions

I forgot my password, what now?

Click on the login button at the top right. In the lower area you will find a link with which you can set a new password. You will need access to your email to reset the password. If you can't remember your email address or can't access your email, please contact us by phone or email.

Can I still change my order after submitting it?

After submitting your order, you can view it via our customer menu. Here you will find information on the status of the payment, the status of your print data and the status of the entire order. You can make outstanding payments or upload print data. Address and order changes can currently no longer be made. In this case, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Can I order multiple products in one shopping cart?

Yes. You can collect as many products as you like in a shopping basket and order them in one transaction. When the order is paid in full, the products are shipped immediately after completion. This is also done in automatic partial deliveries if the products have different delivery times. Please note: In the case of cash on delivery payments, delivery will only take place after all items in the shopping basket have been completed for organisational reasons.


Can I track my parcel?

Yes, after dispatch you can access the tracking numbers of the parcels either via the customer menu or via the notification e-mails.

You can track your order by e-mail.

How do I order? How do I select an item?

Select the desired product category (e.g. flyer) on the start page. Click on the desired format (for example A6). Then, if available, select the desired version (for example, paper thickness 300 g/m2). Select the desired options in the product (e.g. print run and good for production). Now we recommend that you upload your print data directly to our order processing system: You can directly upload the print data as a PDF, JPG or TIF + CMYK colour mode + 300 DPI by clicking on the «browse» button and thus enable efficient processing of your order. We accept no liability for possible faulty printing results and changes in deadlines due to different printing data. By clicking on the button „order“ the print data will be transferred and the product with the desired options will be ordered directly. We would like to point out that this process should not be interrupted and that the browser window should not be closed under any circumstances, as otherwise the data transfer (upload) will be interrupted and we will not be able to receive the order. If desired, data can be made available to us in an alternative way. This causes additional costs and possible changes to deadlines. Receipt of the order will be confirmed by an automatically generated email containing the order details and order number, usually within 1 hour.

Good to print / proof?

When you request a proof, a PDF view of the print file will be uploaded. This allows you to identify and correct any errors before printing. Please note that the colours on the monitor are not colour accurate. A proof printout is used for this purpose. The proof is sent to you by post so that you have an estimated result before printing. The proof is intended to almost predict the colour accuracy. Please note that minor colour variations can always occur.

How do I order / register?

After you have set the options you want, such as print run and delivery terms, the «Checkout» button will take you further through the ordering process. You can now (or at any time before) log in to the system with your access data or, if you are not yet a customer, register as a new customer. If you have registered as a new customer, you will immediately receive an e-mail with your password. You can change the password at any time in the «customer menu» ächange. The order process will then continue.

Order form and data transmission

After you have specified your billing and delivery address, you will see a summary of your order, which you must confirm in order to finalise the order.

What happens after you have placed your order?

What happens after the data transfer

The order process is complete and we have received your order. An order confirmation will be sent to you and the status of your order can be viewed at any time via your personal «My Maxiprint» menu. If the upload does not work, you can send us the data with the order number / customer number / project name in an alternative way, while your order has already been received by us. You can also track the status of your order via your personal My Maxiprint menu.

Can I cancel an order?

Under the «My Maxiprint» menu item, you can view the status of your order at any time. An order is considered to have been received after the data has been transferred to us. After the data transfer, you will also receive an order confirmation from us by e-mail. Up to this point you can cancel your order without giving any reason. As soon as the status of your order changes to «Data delivery complete», the order can unfortunately definitely no longer be cancelled. The order is considered to be «Data delivery complete» once your data is in the pre-press/production stage. Maxiprint accepts no responsibility for your data. Therefore, please follow our instructions for creating files to avoid incorrect results. 

How do I find the product I want?

It's very simple: Click on the corresponding product group button to call up the relevant overview of our product range. Simply click your way to the detailed view of the desired product. Here you can directly calculate the prices of various options such as print runs and good for production and then place an order.

Can I get discounts?

Yes, you can get discounts at Maxiprint: If the volume exceeds a certain level, we offer a discount if the order is processed correctly. Important: Because the calculation of the bonus is made per customer account, it is important that you always order with the same customer account.


Can I order editions other than those specified?

Yes, whereby prices are charged identically to the next higher edition in our price lists. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer for print runs higher than those listed. Simply call us on +41 44 4 400 400.

Can I order flyer formats other than those listed?

Yes, in terms of price, a format other than the ones we specify is at the nächest larger format from our ¨overview. Just give us a call on +41 4 44 400 400.

Are folds other than those indicated possible?

Yes, the printed matter can usually be further processed according to your specifications. Just call us on +41 44 4 400 400.

Which paper does Maxiprint use?

Please refer to the product detail view for details on the composition of the products.

How can I pay, what are the payment options?

We recommend payment by PostFinance (Postcard, Yellownet, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal).
You can also pay in advance, e-banking, TWINT, Paypal or Sofortüberweisung.
Directly in the course of the order, this payment method can be selected, the goods will be produced without delay. Regular customers can order on account by arrangement. Simply call us on +41 44 4 400 400. If you choose payment in advance, please take into account the time it takes to process your order before we can credit your account: Because the order is produced upon receipt of payment, this can take 2 to 4 working days longer.

How will my printed materials be sent?

Basically, printed matter is sent by Swiss Post or freight forwarding so that delivery arrives at the chosen delivery address(es) on the following working day.

How will my printed matter be sent?

What does shipping cost?

The prices quoted include free delivery to an address in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein. Additional delivery costs are only incurred for partial deliveries to more than one delivery address.

Is delivery to foreign countries possible?

Yes, just call us on +41 44 4 400 400.

How do I create printable templates?

The exact dimensions can be found for all objects in the detailed view. Corresponding data sheets are available in PDF format for the products under Product Information.

How do I create printable templates?

Which programmes are suitable for the creation of print templates?

You need a programme which, in addition to the layout functions, has the ability to create or export a PDF, JPG or TIF file + CMYK colour mode + 300 DPI. We accept no liability for possible faulty printing results and changes in deadlines due to different printing data. Suitable programmes are for example Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXpress. The Microsoft programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint have proven to be rather unsuitable for the creation of professional print data.

Which file formats does Maxiprint accept?

Maxiprint unfortunately cannot accept any liability for missing fonts, missing graphics and other sources of error. Therefore we prefer PDF, JPG or TIF data + CMYK colour mode with 300 DPI. We accept no liability for possible faulty printing results and changes in deadlines due to the print data. The JPG file format prevents frequent sources of error by including all content in the file. In addition, its good compression rate makes it particularly suitable for transmission on the Internet. Furthermore, TIF data or printable PDF data are among the preferred data formats. All are to be created exclusively with 300 DPI and as CMYK (explicitly no RGB data). We would like to point out in connection with PDF files that in exceptional cases problems may arise in printing (for example due to incorrect PDF generation or white overfilling), for which we accept no responsibility.

What is edge trimming?

Due to the production process, files must be 2 mm larger in all directions than they are delivered afterwards. These 2 mm are trimmed off after printing. The purpose of this is to ensure that the motif is present right up to the edge of the flyer and is not cropped or left with a white flash due to technical tolerances when cutting.

Are fonts in JPG format rasterised?

Yes, fonts will lose some edge definition in JPG format, but it is almost guaranteed that everything will be printed as you have created it, if it is saved with sufficient bleed (2 mm) and internal spacing (2 mm) from the final format and in CMYK at 300 DPI.

Why should data be created in CMYK colour mode?

The CMYK mode is the standard used in the printing industry. We use full colour printing for printing with cyan (light blue), magenta (pink), yellow (yellow) and keycolor (black). Four-colour printing is a different name, but describes the identical process.

Why can there be problems with data in RGB colour mode?

RGB mode refers to screen colours: red, blue and green pixels that make up a screen's colours. This colour space is suitable for applications related to screen displays. However, the CMYK mode used in printing and the RGB mode are by no means congruent. Colours that appear bright on screen in RGB mode may appear pale in print after conversion to CMYK. Therefore, only use CMYK mode for Maxiprint printed matter.

Can I collect my order from Maxiprint?

As a rule, we send all orders as quickly as possible to the delivery address(es) specified by you by A Mail. Collection from Maxiprint is not possible!

Which resolution/setting should I use when saving my file?

We recommend that you use at least 300 DPI resolution for all data. Falling below the 300 DPI resolution will result in a loss of quality. If elements (e.g. logos) from the internet are used for the design of a printed matter, the result is usually associated with massive quality losses due to the fact that the common resolution on the internet is "only" 72 DPI, which is revealed, for example, by visible "little clues" or "steps" in the image.

When Max delivers the image in a higher resolution than 300 DPI, there is a loss of quality.

When does Maxiprint deliver?

The estimated delivery time can be found in our calculator in the product detail view.

When should my artwork be received by Maxiprint in order to receive the ordered print products as soon as possible?

You can place an order online at any time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and send us your data via the upload integrated in the order process. The estimated delivery date can be found in the calculator in the product detail view.

Does Maxiprint also print other products than those offered on the website?

Yes and no. We are happy to make individual offers for regular / periodic orders. For our regular customers we usually also produce products that cannot be found under Maxiprint. We ask for your understanding that we cannot always consider enquiries that do not belong to our product range and/or do not reach us from our regular customers and/or do not require regular production. Just call us on the Service Line +41 44 4 400 400.

I am not satisfied with a delivery, how do I make a complaint?

There are only two things that matter to Maxiprint: One is the customer, the other is the product. If you take care of the customer, he will come back. If you take care of the product, it will not come back. We are only satisfied if our customers are satisfied with us. Therefore, we attach great importance to an uncomplicated handling of a complaint. Please have your order number ready and simply call us on the Service Line +41 44 4 400 400 or use our contact form and describe the reason for the complaint or, in particular, if the complaint is about a printed product / printing error of any kind, please send us some samples that are the subject of the complaint with a brief covering letter and your telephone number: Maxiprint Multicolor Print AG, Complaint regarding order number ..., Kesselbachstrasse 40, CH-9450 Altstätten.

When can I reach Maxiprint by phone?

You can reach us on the service line +41 44 4 400 400 as follows:
Monday to Friday, mornings from 8.00 to 12.00 and afternoons from 13.30 to 17.00.

Can I upload larger amounts of data?

You can send us files up to 500 MB.